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I am obese according to the BMI Calculator: 32.6. I know I am overweight, but the term obese hurts.This means the information does not carry the authority that is required to prove your thesis.

Your goal is to record your food in-take for three days, use a.Second Paragraph: Explain your current dietary practices and whether your current practices address your energy, macronutrient and vegetable and fruit needs.

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I am striving to get 60% of my calories from carbohydrates, 20% of my calories from fats and proteins.Description: You will examine two days of your eating and drinking identifying the caloric value for each food and drink item you consume excluding non-caloric beverages like water, unsweetened coffee or tea, or artificially sweetened beverages with zero calories, etc.The proposed changes may allow me to decrease my BMI and lower my risks for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Free essays available on the web can be a great example of a proper structure and format of your paper.

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The meta-analysis of dietary fatty acids and risk of coronary heart disease by Chowdhury et al. (1).To maintain this balance, it is advisable for one to cover several meals daily so that deficiency in one meal may be made up by another meal (Florant, 1997).Based upon my food consumption, I would say that I am extremely excessive in my calorie intake.The sheer number of websites devoted to nutritional information can.

Formal Analysis Paper Example 1 Formal Analysis Paper Example 2 Formal Analysis Paper Example 3.First Paragraph: Identification of your current energy need and your BMI.

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A balanced diet means a diet that contains appropriate levels of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and mineral contents.Percentage-wise I was much closer to meeting my goal as far as my protein intake goes.The body responds similarly to white flour as it does to sugar, so it should be considered more of a sugar than a grain although it does contain some nutrients.

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You will compare your caloric intake for the two days comparing it to the total energy need you identified after visiting the Calorie Calculator web site.

For my afternoon snack I could choose a green smoothie with spinach, water, a banana and some blueberries.

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This could best be achieved by eating three much smaller meals each day with a small mid-afternoon snack.The rubric for evaluating your Diet Diary assignment is located within the Assignments area of Blackboard.I also love fruits and vegetables, but I rarely consume them.The issue of plagiarism is quite serious these days and you might even get expelled for submitting a paper that is not original.

You will also identify your Body Mass Index (BMI) using one of the many Body Mass Index calculators on the Internet.Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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Sometimes I have very little time and am in a rush (like so many people) and I just go out and buy what tastes good.The recommendations made will add many nutrients and will lower the amount of calories, bad fat and cholesterol.These issues are discussed in this paper. Analysis of dietary patterns in epidemiological research. 1997. Using cluster analysis to examine dietary patterns:.

Sample of Dietary Therapy in Hypertension Essay (you can also order custom written Dietary Therapy in Hypertension essay).Did You Remember to Include the Following in Your Assignment.If your current dietary practices perfectly address your needs in these areas, please explain how you achieve this goal.The purpose for diet analysis is to ensure that one consumes a diet that is balanced.Your diet could then be modified and re-entered until the right nutritional content was reached.I probably eat out a couple of times every week and that really kicked me well over the edge.

Tips on How to Write Your Diet Analysis Paper The purpose of this assignment is to analyze your diet.Your diet is then evaluated for nutritional content, balance, calories, portion sizes, fat and carbohydrate intake, etc.Strong Essays: Personal Nutrition Analysis - Proper nutrition is important in maintaining a long and healthy life.

Additionally, describe how the changes you propose will not only alleviate your concerns, but also describe how they will provide potential health benefits.Free essay on Nutrition Paper on Self Assessment of Physical Health available totally free at, the largest free essay community.I am obese according to the BMI Calculator: 32.6. My calorie consumption is excessive for a male of my age and activity level.These involve you entering your daily food intake into your computer and allowing the software to do the diet analysis.Custom writing services function for assistance purposes only and is inclusive of academic research material.With the exception of Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk, most of the sugar in my diet is.Total Energy Need Calorie Calculator (great site for discovering your total energy need).

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