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The outdated political system gave way to a constitutional monarchy, and when that failed, the French Republic.The people-to-land proportion was unjust looking at the amount of people in each estate.Causes of French Revolution GCSE. 5 Pages 1208 Words May 2015.

The economic problems created by the French kings also contributed to the Revolution.

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The French Revolution was caused by social, political and economic problems.The third estate held 97% of the people who owned 55% of the land.

The basic cause of the French Revolution was the fact that the common people of France were not given. Essay.The political discontent of France was one of the causes of the Revolution.Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712-1778, was yet another influential French figure in this particular period, and his general idea was that the General will of the people should be the ruling force in a society.

There were many causes and events leading up to the French Revolution in 1789.However, Voltaire did not favor republicanism and he believed that such reforms could be brought about under monarchy.Voltaire is the one most influenced by the English system, especially after he visited the country himself.In an ideal society, people would make the laws and would obey them willingly.

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A large sum of money was also spent on palaces, entertainment and gifts by the kings of France.

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I had to write a DBQ essay about three causes of the French Revolution.Essays causes of the french revolution Grommell July 24, 2016.

Claire Kotarski and Gina Kotos, Period 4 by Claire Kotarski on 12 June 2012 Tweet.The French Revolution: Causes, Outcomes, Conflicting Interpretations.

Manufacturing and trade were at their all-time low leaving many people jobless.Instead of the expected one hundred person mob, the guards and soldiers were unprepared to discover over three hundred angry French citizens ready to seize The Bastille.The excerpt from the cahiers mentioned in document 3 shows that the votes in the assembly were not taken by head.DBQ Essays Introduction The. and social causes of the French Revolution affected the people of France and the outside.

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I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read it and help me with a.Some of the bourgeois were envious of the nobility and had resentment towards the First and Second Estates, many against the Ancien Regime and well educated a large proportion of the bourgeois knew of the discoveries happening during the Age of Enlightenment.King Louis XIV was also incapable of using his powers in a way to spark fear and gain control of those under his power.

However, another great influence was by all means, the American war of Independence which occurred a few decades before the outbreak of the French revolution.Economics also played an important role in the French Revolution.

The American Revolution also influenced the coming of the French Revolution.These ideas were long culminated since the period of the Renaissance, and eventually through the expedition of several wars, mainly the American War of Independence, 1775-1782.Password reminder. Another underlying cause of the French Revolution was the raising of taxes (Gilbert, 2005). However,.The Second consisted of the nobility, and the Third included the bourgeoisie, the city workers and the peasants.

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Eventually, although he was republican oriented, he still tended to favor monarchy to a certain extent, since he was afraid that a sudden change in society would ultimately lead to confusion and anarchy.

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