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Geophysics publishes abstracts of dissertations both in print and online. Recent Ph.D. graduates.The dissertation abstract is the first thing that reader faces before reading your dissertation.Increasing the Emphasis on the Child in the Resolution of Custody Disputes.ICSID, Third World Peoples and the Re-Construction of the Investment Dispute Settlement System.Imagined fears: from mass terror to authoritarian legality, and the future of liberal reform.Clair Case and the Regulation of the Obscene in Pre-World War One Ontario.Some Aspects of the Legal Control of Take-Over Bids: A Comparative Study of English and British Columbia Law.Redefining Disrepute: Acknowledging Social Injustice and Judicial Subjectivity in the Critical Reform of Section 24(2) of the Charter.

You must solve a specific problem with it and this will lure people to read.Legal, Economic, and Industrial Relations Considerations in Workforce Integrations Following Corporate Mergers.

AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Sungrok Kang for the degree of.Conceptualizing the Child Through an Ethic of Care: Custody and Access Law Reform in Canada.

Navigating a Course to Recognition and Reconciliation of Aboriginal Title to Ocean Spaces.Creating Choices in the UK: Re-Imagining the Female Criminal Justice System.Succumbing to the siren song: rape myths in sexual offender sentencing in B.C.Tax information exchange and the erosion of taxpayer privacy rights.The Legal Fact as a Work of Art: Artificial Intelligence and the Pragmatics of Legal Interpretation.Mapping Contested Terrain: The Doctrine of Failure to Protect in Canadian Criminal Law.The right to be forgotten: no solution to the challenges of the digital environment.

Juvenile Delinquents, Young Offenders and Young Persons in Conflict with the Law: A Study of Juvenile Delinquency Law Reform in Canada.Comparative Studies on the Financial Holding Company Laws and Practices in the U.S. and Taiwan.The research questions must come in the early part of the abstract.Exploring a law firm business model to improve access to justice and decrease lawyer dissatisfaction.A separate abstract is published in Dissertation Abstracts International by Proquest.Bringing Water to the Land: Re-cognize-ing Indigenous Oral Traditions and the Laws of Embodied Within Them.Liberalization of foreign direct investment: Europe 1992 and the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement.Environmental Management of Coastal Forests in British Columbia: An Ecolegal Analysis.

The abstract is meant to contain a summary or an overview of the entire dissertation and the conclusion reached at the end of the work.Many Paths to Modernity: Human Rights, Development and the World Bank.Judicial compensation in Canada: an examination of the judicial compensation experience in selected Canadian jurisdictions 1990-2010.Environmental Impact Assessment: A Comparative Study of the Effect of Federal Institutional Arrangements Upon Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures in Canada and the United States.

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HOW TO WRITE AN ABSTRACT: Tips and Samples Leah Carroll, Ph.D., Director, Office of Undergraduate Research An abstract is a short summary of your completed research.

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Uncertain Risk, Causation and Precaution in Toxic Tort Litigation.

Equal in Theory: An Assessment of Anti-Discrimination Statutes as Equality Tools for People with Disabilities.The abstract of your dissertation is the first impression readers will have of your research.

The availability of gain-based damages for breach of contract.Golden Handshakes and Golden Parachutes: Severance Packages for Corporate Executives.A part of every dissertation or thesis is the executive summary.There are areas you must pay attention to in the dissertation abstracts.

Giordano for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Geography presented on March 7, 2002 Title: International River.The concept of deference in substantive review of administrative decisions in four common law countries.The Small Business deduction and a Canadian Tax on Unreasonable Accumulations.For instance, when you are following a specific chemistry lab report format, you may realize that your professor prefers an abstract that is separate from the entire report.Legal imperialism and the democratisation of law: towards an African feminist jurisprudence on the development of land law and rights in Nigeria 1861-2011.Claims, Histories, Meanings: Indigeneity and Legal Pluralism in India.The research question is answered through an experiment that entails distributing an online questionnaire to respondents.

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