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We first hear of how the townsfolk of Raveloe think of him: a strange man that provides them with nice linen and lives in his small cottage alone.He is viewed as suspicious because of his special skills and because he is from an unfamiliar town.With little to live for, Silas becomes infatuated with his hoard of golden guineas that he earns from working.

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His engagement was broken off, and he left the town of Lantern yard for the village of Raveloe.But, Silas early faith the one I have just mentioned is distinctly different from the faith he regains in later years, particularly in Raveloe.Silas Marner, a book by George Eliot show how Silas Marner, an unjustly exiled linen weaver is restored to life b the means of a little orphan girl.A Comparison of Silas Marner and Godfrey CassGodfrey Cass and Silas Marner are perfect foils.

He treasures them not for their monetary value, but for their companionship.Silas Marner literature essays are academic essays for citation.Free literature summaries, free study guides,free book notes.

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His comes across as being very suspicious and little children are scared of him.

Silas Marner was one of those rare persons when he came to live in Raveloe, he left his hometown and very disappointed by all the people there and having lost faith in God, now Silas lives only for his work as a weaver, collecting the gold.

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Para 7: second parallel between urban centre and rural community.

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When he is accused of robbery and thinks it was his friend, he says nothing and moves away.

As it is opposed with a quote of Wordsworth in one of his poems that.

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One he finds Eppie he gets more involved with the community and has a much more fulfilled life.This fact escapes sect, as it is too anxious to search for divine intention., interpret everything in supernatural terms.They each developed along similar lines but each differed at certain points.

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The start of the novel portrays Silas to be an outcast to his fellow neighbours, one of a mysterious and suspicious nature, which triggers a sense of sympathy and pity for Silas from the reader.We have gathered the best essay samples and college essay samples that were written by professional essay writers.Instead of worrying about research paper writing get the necessary help here begin.

Silas Marners life changes as he becomes more involved with the community of ravoloe, developing friendship, joy and happiness.The definition of morality varies across different levels of society.Silas marner essays - Only HQ academic writings provided by top specialists.For Eliot, life consists in coming to terms with inescapable realities of law, necessity and Nature.

Silas Marner is first introduced as a lonely weaver living in the fictional village of Raveloe.One seeks refuge in God of miracles, the other in God of chance.

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