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Tabbing During binding, the cutting or adhering of tabs on the edges of pages.Deciding what living things should be classified in the same.This page contains list of various types of paper based on their end use, process of.Paper Surface Efficiency Measure of the printability of a sheet of paper which is dependent upon the amount of ink the paper absorbs, the smoothness of its surface, and the evenness of its caliper.Dry-End On the paper machine, it is the section where the dryers, cutters, slitters and reels are located.

Interleaves (slip sheets) Paper inserted between sheets as they come off the printing press to prevent transfer of wet ink from one to the other.The Top 40 Outstanding Classification and Division Essay Topics.Surprint An additional printing over the design areas of previously printed matter.In writing a division essay, it is important to develop appropriate.Bulking Dummy Unprinted sheets of actual paper folded in the signature size and signature number of a given job, to determine bulk.Hardcover (casebound, edition binding) Nonflexible book binding made of thick, glazed board.Decurler A device on a web press or sheeter used to remove paper curl.

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Rag Pulp Pulp made by disintegrating new or old cotton or linen rags and cleaning and bleaching fibers.Spectrophotometer Sophisticated instrument that measures color across a visible spectrum and produces data describing the color of a given sample in terms of the three parameters in color space.Dampeners In lithography, cloth covered, parchment paper or rubber rollers that distribute the dampening to the press plate.

Halftone Positive Artwork (screened positive) A photographic positive containing a halftone image.Soft Dot A camera term describing halation or fringe around the edge of a dot which is excessive and almost equals the area of the dot itself.Fog may be due to flare, unsafe darkroom illumination, age, or processing conditions.Felt Woven, endless belt made of wool, cotton or synthetic materials used to transport the paper web on the paper machine, during manufacture.Degree of acid found in a given paper substance measured by pH level.

The U.s. Environmental Protection Agency, which publishes guidelines for minimum recycled product content for use by federal agencies for purchasing standards.Then the sheets are baked fusing the powder with the ink, giving it a raised effect.Fiber Orientation Refers to the alignment of the fibers in the sheet.Die A design, letters, or pattern cut in metal for stamping, embossing or for diecutting.Paper wound around a core or shaft to form a continuous roll or web of paper.Smyth Sewing A method of fastening side-by-side signatures so that each is linked with thread to its neighbor, as well as saddlesewn through its own centerfold.Translucency Ability to transmit light without being transparent.

Example: a paper containing 30% wet strength actually possesses 30% of its original dry-tensile strength.The Classification Research Group (CRG) was a significant contributor to classification research and theory in the field of library and information science in the.An inked image printed on paper with a high degree of ink holdout will dry by oxidation rather than absorption.Grain Long Term used to designate that the grain of the paper is parallel to the longest measurement of a sheet of paper.

A squeegee drawn across the screen forces ink through the open image areas which are cut-out by hand using lacquered tissue prior to its adherence to the silk.A transparent, acetate printing proof used to reproduce anticipated print colors on a transparent acetate sheet.Lap The slightly extended areas of printing surfaces in color plates, which make for easier registration of color.In Canada most companies use the terra-choice definition for recycle which does require minimum levels of post-consumer fiber.The modern definition of classification groups depends upon each species in the group.Pulp, paper, paperboard and converted paper products are classified in the.Sheet Delamination Directly related to poor surface strength in that if the sheet has poor surface strength, delamination will occur in the printing process.

Impression Pressure of type of blanket as it comes in contact with paper.Metallic Inks Ink containing metal substances, used to produce special printed output.

Encrypting sensitive documents to protected them from unauthorized breaches.Rub-Proof In printing, an ink that has reached maximum dryness and does not mar with normal abrasion.Distributor Company which purchases paper from mill for resale to printers and end-users.Stitched Book A popular method of sewing the signatures of a book together by stitching all the sheets at one time, either through the center of the inserted sheets or side-stitched from front to back.Halation In photography, a blurred effect, resembling a halo, usually occurring in the highlight areas or around bright objects.

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