Theology dissertation topics

It was concluded that the course in lay preaching did help those in the class learn to prepare and preach effective sermons.A multi-site church is a church that is accomplishing its mission through multiplication.Evaluation of a Program Guiding Single Christian Adults in Making Biblically-Informed Decisions Relating to Singleness and Marriage.In a world that focuses on efficiency, many Christians live a shallow life without cultivating a deep relationship with God.The research includes a literature review, case studies of three Northern California Chinese churches, and one-on-one follow-up interviews.An Evaluation of the Understanding of the Gospel in CBA Churches of Washington State.

The group showed significant gains in ministry knowledge, confidence and job satisfaction.

This approach not only enables married couples to learn effective ways of developing a more stable and satisfying relationship, but also provides a structure in which the learned skills can be put into practice. 12 couples participated in this 8-week program.Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Biblically-based Parent Education Program.These churches have a robust process that clearly communicates the expectations of the church with systems in place for accountability and follow-up.The bottom-line goal is obedience to the direct commands of the Lord Jesus Christ observed in changed lives in this church.The difficulties presented in coming to know God as Father suggest ways the church and those in ministry can be more effective.Case Studies in the Assimilation of Members into the African Baptist Church in North Dallas.The most common response to the questions was 7 (Strongly Agree).

Their return as women who follow Christ will produce productive, law-abiding members of their communities and allow them to disciple their children, breaking familial cycles of criminal behavior.The goal of this applied research project is to discover what traits of the ministry mentoring process are reported to have been valuable in encouraging and preparing people for vocational ministry in the North American Chinese church context.Next, the project gleaned information from a survey distributed to couples who have been married for at least thirty years and have served in the pastorate.The mentoring program was designed to complement the knowledge acquisition gained from the course by developing relevant character traits and ministry skills.Twenty Chinese Christian couples of various marital ages and different degree of spirituality were recruited by open invitation among the churches in Hong Kong.

The research findings of this study indicate that the culture of the traditional workplace is not necessarily prepared to utilize the unique skill sets of Millennials thus thwarting satisfaction and related fulfillment and dignity.History and religion is not confined to evolution or impact of a particular religion, but in fact it goes beyond the diversity of religion and focuses on the evolution of human race throughout the time.These three case studies revealed the training program helped each committee establish clear objectives and procedures in keeping with biblical principles of elder leadership.The research showed the training was not effective in improving the attitudes of students in either class.Through a resident school and community center, the church serves at-risk children and youth.The outcome of this program is that the students grew in their biblical understanding of what a disciple is.History, including the Ecumenical Creeds, Creeds of the Reformation, Roman.An Evaluation of the Spiritual Health of Crossroads Community Church of Lehighton, Pennslyvania.It argues that the case study approach is the ideal way to study churches that reach postmoderns with expository preaching.

The purpose of this research project will be to focus on these restart churches in order to identify what changes or steps occur and in which order of their restart process.The workshop proved to be an effective means for addressing the inhibitions causing inertia in older women who are mature Christians.By using Minitab as the statistical software and ANOVA as the inferential test, the first hypothesis was statistically proved by DES with a p-value of 0.038, such that these twenty couples who had completed the abridged Marriage CORE program were found to have a higher marital satisfaction.A pre-test and post-test format was used to measure raised awareness and motivation.The Christian preachers were taught how to construct expository messages.The research will prove that there are biblical and cultural factors to take into consideration in literature production and contextualized (cross-cultural) communication.

Additional qualitative data were gathered through focus group feedback from each class group and instruments that utilized open-ended questions, specifically -- a Bible study inventory that was used as a pre-test and post-test and a self-reported post-course evaluation form.The hypothesis was that the placement of workers in the appropriate community, and the selection of the best method for evangelism in accord with national believers would be the best strategy.

It would also seek to promote the development of a biblically accurate view of God and assist in the establishment of spiritual disciplines to encourage progress toward spiritual maturity.This method of teaching takes into account the discipleship characteristics determined by the Scriptures, discipleship literature, military training manuals, and books written about effective military leadership training.Case Studies of the Mother-Daughter Church Planting in North American Chinese Churches.

While the close relationship between emotional attachment and spiritual attachment was found in the literature review, this study is unique in that it suggests concrete and practical steps to overcome negative emotional attachment patterns that influence spiritual attachment to God.A survey was conducted with ministry partners from selected countries and representatives from organizations involved in world evangelism, to determine the effectiveness of the current ITS tracts.Case studies of three seminar participants evaluate the possiblility of significantly addressing these needs through a four-day seminar on the subject of pastoral leadership.Churches were selected at random from the Association of Christian Schools International and the Georgia Association of Christian Schools.The inherent belief of all religions lies in following the teachings prescribed by a higher authority. Discuss. An analysis of the contemporary styles of preaching.The hypothesis proved to be correct, and thus the possibility to succeed in this ministry in Spain.

The case studies report the information gathered primarily through first hand interviews and local archival church records.Forced exits, or forced terminations of ministers, are a serious problem in pastoral ministry.Case Studies of the Challenges Faced by Selected Churches in Establishing Church-based Institutes.The Hispanic male is dedicated to the family in principle as a provider and protector.To measure this hypothesis, a survey was administered to board members from around the state.Below is a list of topics that can be used for research dissertation purposes.

The course concentrated on the writings and messages of Kenneth Hagin, Sr. and Kenneth Copeland.A critical analysis of the religious evolution in Sudan: Application and implications.Ranging from topics like greed and fidelity, each religion has its own stand to these different moral aspects.This qualitative research project evaluated selected factors that are associated with the contributions of women being valued by leaders of parachurch ministries.Then, three preachers were selected and their sermons transcribed and evaluated according to a validation grid.

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