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Customer profitability analysis (CPA) is to compare the profit from the customer with the cost which the corporation spends on him, and according to the profitability.Industries mentioned in the article include internet based retailers, retail-banking industry, telecommunication companies, power generation companies.Activity-based costing (ABC) and the related activity-based management (ABM) are the foundation of CPA.Assist future customer selection: target more profitable industry channels and customer types.

Their customers can be categorized into two channels based on the type of service they receive.In this environment, the traditional cost and margin analysis is insufficient and does not give the complete picture for the cost-profitability relationship.

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CPA is defined as Customer Profitability Analysis frequently.I take you through an additional example of customer profitability analysis from Chapter 14 - Cost Accounting - A Managerial Emphasis - Horngren, Datar and.

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Research companies that focus on business analytics (e.g., Accunomics).

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Role of technologies: This is not specifically mentioned in the article.Industry and customer types: The industry described in the article is a service company.The customers are also analyzed at individual levels for the four largest customers based on sales volumes.View 69187 Profitability And Analysis posts, presentations, experts, and more.However only a detailed and a structured approach to customer analysis can. analysis requires a cost accounting. customer profitability analysis.

Again the idea here is to find a simple, yet highly accurate way to estimate an individual cost component of a customer.If it is not, then awareness is the first step to improve the situation.

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In the case study, the revenues are generated by selling the manufactured auto parts directly to customers.

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Other than that, CPA may be measured by analyzing the customer performance measure of market share,.If you are interested in a detailed product and customer profitability analysis and strategic.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.

Without profitability the business will not survive in the long run.This paper introduces a methodology for activity-based modelling of customer profitability analysis (CPA) in hotels.Product pricing does not distinguish between the value of product and service.Customer profitability analysis is best conducted with a technique known as Activity based costing or ABC analysis.

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Posts about customer profitability analysis written by Profit Analytics.The information derived from these steps is then used to analyze customer channel profitability, profitability of different classes of customers in one channel, and profitability of individual customers for the four largest customers.Understanding the profitability of customers will help identify new business models or improvements that will dramatically increase the competitiveness of the company.

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