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Avoid Passive Voice When you use the present or the past tense in a cover letter, avoid writing with a passive voice.Top Resume Question: Past Tense or Present Tense Verbs in my.

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This is a job you are currently doing, so the words you use should be in the present tense when describing your accomplishments.

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As a professional resume writer, I think I can help you understand the whys for past and.

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The tense of. less to the discussion of history than it does to literature.Please share this: Tumblr Telegram Skype Google Twitter Facebook Reddit Email LinkedIn Pinterest Print WhatsApp Pocket Like this: Like Loading.

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Present Past Past Participle lie, lying (to tell a falsehood).Base Form Simple Past Tense Past Participle awake awoke awoken be was, were been bear.

In reviewing other resume books, I am confused about the grammar hang-ups on resumes.

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Resume Writing Tips. The chronological resume lists past and present experiences in reverse chronological order. using present tense verbs,.

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Make it easy for the employer to draw a link from what you currently do or have down, to what you might do for them if you are hired.June 10, 2013 kgmitchell grammar, job searching, resume, resume help, tenses.One additional letter avoiding any problems and maybe the difference between an interview and getting passed over.The dates on the same line that refer to when you are or were employed by a company you are referring to, must mirror the words you choose.

To me this just seems like common sense but clearly there are equally as many folks who believe the CURRENT job should be described in PRESENT tense.On a resume, should points about a current job be written in present tense.

The present tense can refer to an action or. to tell stories in a more compelling and engaging manner than past tense entails.

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When writing a resume do I write my responsibilities in a previous.An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an automated resume scanner used by over 90% of employers which reject over 76% of resumes submitted on average.You see from the employers point of view, this resume represents the very best of what you are capable of.

See how ZipJob uses Professional Writers and Technology to Get Your Resume Noticed.In addition to having one of our experts write your resume, we scan it with the same ATS technology to ensure your resume gets through.When every bullet point should start with a verb, the right verb tense is critical.Coordinated the cross-functional operations for dozens of products in quarterly and monthly ship events.The duties you currently perform should be in present tense.I have always been taught to use the same verb tense within the resume, whether the job is current or not.Best answer for resume in past or present tense. looks like in the present tense and the past.

When we combine the three perfect tenses with the three principal tenses, we have a verb with six tenses.However, now suppose that this was a line from your resume referring to a job you held in 2010.Ready-Made Resume Builder Become a member of our resume builder.

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Present Tense for Current Positions Present tense best describes current and potential employment in a cover letter.

Even though a cover letter is only one or two paragraphs long, it helps a hiring manager assess your personality and job interests.So why not put the measurable items in the past, and the others in the present tense.

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Remember too that as you create bullets under your various jobs you hold and once held, you should not just be copying down things from your job description, but rather selling yourself as having accomplished things.

And please keep the job you are applying FOR in mind as you think about what to put down.This is the most common tense to use when speaking about past jobs.

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