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Free Essay: One of these positive results that occurred after the Opium war is the Spheres of Influence, which was a region in which the foreign nations.Soon then, opium was bought very rapidly and Britain soon got their silver back and even more.These extraterritorial rights led to many positive and negative things.The Opium War, also called the Anglo-Chinese War, was the most humiliating defeat China ever suffered.He implores her to make sure that the laws of the central dynasty were not violated again (Document 2).Marking feelings of intense hate, hostility, and patriotism, the Chinese attempted to rid their country of foreigners.OPIUM WARS It was around the mid-19th century, China believed that it was self-sufficient, needing nothing from the outside.

Britain was facing a problem at this time: they wanted silk, and porcelain, which were mainly in China.Trade restrictions placed into effect by the Qing Dynasty made it both inefficient and economically illogical to trade in low-value manufactured goods easily accessible to the Chinese.In the 19th century the British were the top dogs in smuggling opium.It is true that China showed some interest in Britain, but the interest lax.The Opium War The Opium War, directed by Jin Xie, paints a rather impartial account of the Opium War, starting with the appointment of Lin Zexu to end the.

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China also had to continue paying indemnities because of the previous treaties.A benevolent emperor must not poison its people and opium is poison.Until 1784 with the White Lotus Rebellion, there was no rebellion.

But they only did it because the Chinese were refusing to trade, so therefore it is only partially Britains fault.The early Qing period was perhaps the most prosperous time in Chinese history.

Being a main target for imperialism, China faced much western influence.

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Lin Zexu was the imperial commissioner who was originally assigned to stop the opium trade in Canton.The brutal fighting that ensued between the two countries served as the conclusion of several fundamental disparities that transmitted each onto separate, vastly divided platforms of culture, governmental ideals, as well as trade systems.

Britain however, had no desire for land and only wished to trade, believing it was their right to do so.

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Opium war essay - Professional Academic Writing and Editing Website - We Help Students To Get Reliable Papers Quick Custom Term Paper Writing Help - Purchase Non.The Opium Wars - Research Paper Example. Essay Undergraduate.They had finally found a commodity the Chinese were willing to buy.After buying some, the Chinese became more and more addicted to the drug so they eventually bought more.It required force of British, French, Russian, American, German and Japanese troops to finally finish it off.In an attempt to resolve the trade imbalance Britain began importing opium into China, which would prove to be disastrous for the Chinese population.

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The incompatible British and Chinese views on trade resulted in the First Opium War.

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The perspective being shown is from a Chinese man who does not use opium, for he sees it as only causing harm.

The Opium War was a war fought by two countries Great Britain and china in 1839.

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